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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  March 25, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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monday night over the mountains low 30s, in the city, 36/37 degrees mother nature backtracking. >> find a sweater. stay tuned for fox news sunday up next >> c i'm chris wallace. as november draus closer, battle lines are drawn between the two parties. on high gas prices and how washington spends our money. president obama travels the country pushing his all of the above energy policy. we'll discuss that with white house senior advisor david plouffe, then a different vision for getting america back on track and a new budget from house republicans. we'll go inside of the numbers on taxes, spending and reforming medicare when we sit down with house budget chairman, paul ryan. plouffe and ryan on "fox news
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sunday". plus, obama care gets its day in court. we'll ask our sunday panel what are the chances that the supreme court will strike down some of the laws on the controversial vision and the g.o.p. race gets shaken up on the trail, right now on "fox news sunday". hello, again, from fox news in washington. we'll talk with our guests in a moment. first light news. former vice-president cheney is recovering in a virginia hospital after undergoing a heart transplant saturday. the 71 year old who suffered five heart attacks was on the transplant list for two years. now the results from saturday's republican primary in louisiana. rick santorum came on top . romney 25 percent.
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romney had 568 halfway to the 1144 needed for the nomination. now to the issues that will defoin the general election between president obama and who ever the republican nominee is. joining us here in the studio is president obama senior advisor david plouffe. welcome to the "fox news sunday". >> guest: thank you. >> chris: during the campaign president obama blamed president bush for the rise of gas prices. let's watch. >> here in ohio you are paying 3.70 for gas because it went down in the last couple of we thinks. two and half times what it costs when george bush took office. >> chris: using that logic how responsible is president obama now for the gas prices since he took office. >> guest: we have gone through it every year. it is more pronounced in the
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last few years because of increase from china and india. the president said we have to produce oil and natural gas here in this country. production is at an eight year high . triple the rigs in the fields as when the president came to office. but that is only part of the answer. we have to go to wind, solar and electric cars. it is. in the next decade average car will get 56 miles per gallon. the average person will save $8000 and we'll save billions was dollars. we are doing everything we can . making progress. but we will not get the energy future we need until we have the all of the above strategy. >> chris: as the president said on the campaign trail, yeah, he
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supports all of the above stratedgy. >> under my administration america is producing more oil today than any time in the last eight years. >> chris: the congressional research service said 96 percent of the increase since 2007 took place on nonfederal lands and oil production on federal lands actually fell in 20len-- 2011, so innocent the president taking credit for production he had nothing to do with it. >> guest: no, we are aggressively perm mitting. >> chris: the increase was on nonfederal. >> guest: we have 13 percent increase. we had an auction in the gulf of mexico. and the private sector only claimed a part of that.
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in auction they purchase and explore and drill. if you look at what we are doing on shore and off shore and natural gas. we are doing everything we can. this is not just about a political slogan that said i have a secret plan for $2 gas. we'll not ave the future we need. american people are tired of being given washington talking points. we magically will have cheaper gas. we need to use gas and diversify and we are getting more energy independence and producing more and on track to double the sources of energy and we are making progress. we have to make sure we double down here. if all we do is drill and let china command the wind and solar industry. we'll not like the center much. you >> chris: you say you are doing everything you can. a lot of people say you are not doing everything you can.
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the president went to oklahoma to make a show about the fact he was calling for faster construction of the southern part of the key tone pipe line, but he's basically, you can see the southern leg highlighted, it is irrelevant to the part which is controlled by the states and what people are concerned about it is the northern leg above the highlighted area. state department and epa studied that three years and came to the conclusion, i want to get the quote right. no significant impacts to the project from the u.s. canadian border past nebraska down to oklahoma. given that why did the president delay that past the november election? >> guest: it is important. >> chris: but not much to do with it? >> guest: there are permits. we are going to expedite. there is a glut of oil in that section of the country. we need to get that oil to
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market. that pipe line is important. we have approved a dozen of pipe lines. the governor in nebraska and legislators in nebraska had a problem with the pipe line going through the aqua fur. >> chris: the governor is on record start the pipe line, we will wrap it around the sand hills area. go ahead. we are not holding it up. president obama is. >> guest: the company said they will submit a new pipe line route and ought to be reviewed >> chris: it was reviewed for three years. >> guest: people in nebraska are concerned about the water issue. >> chris: they are fine with it of going ahead and said it will be fixed. >> guest: the companies said wait. we'll put through an entire route from canada down to oklahoma and that will be reviewed.
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listen, the republicans play games with this. even though there are concerns in nebraska. forget and play politics. the american people say who do you trust on your energy future? someone who believes to do everything in a safe and responsible way in oil and gas and also believe in diversifying new forms of energy. this used to be a bipartisan idea. sadly republicans running for president is knocking it. it isy a dangerous thing. >> chris: will the nation release oil from the nation's stradgic petroleum reserve? >> guest: it is an option on the table and used last year because of the situation in libya. >> chris: is it something that the white house is considering? >> guest: we are mindful of the oil. i will not move on that today. but we are monitoring the pipe
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line issues and refinery issues and distribution issues. and sanctions in iran are working well and hurting their oil industry and central bank. >> chris: what makes you think it would be anymore effective in lowering the price of gas and oil and gasoline in the libya operation last year was? >> guest: the question is generally whether we have done it in 2005 and last year, when there is a determined supply disruption. last year it was a global response contributed oil to relieve that. it is about the supply. there is no magic bullet to drop gas. >> chris: you would not do it unless there is an interruption of supply. not because prices are high? >> guest: there are isues
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thraare contributing. sudan and libya is not where it was. and so there is supply disruption . no, this is about supply. >> chris: let's turn. the supreme court holds three days of hearing on obama care starting tomorrow. a recent poll showed scen% think that the court should strike down the entire law or individual man date. two years after it passed, why is obama care so unpopular? >> guest: you can see the polls as do i. people don't want to start over and refight the political battle. but implement the law smartly and give states more flexibility. at the end of the decade republicans are going to overturning obama care. when the reality of health care takes place. most of the law doesn't take affect until 2014. two and half million people have health care only because of the health care law.
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five million seniors are getting over $500 in prescriptions and women are not treated more. preventive care like mammograms in place. i think they are seeing it differently than was advertised. >> chris: how confident are you that the supreme court will uphold the man date. >> guest: republicans and conservative jurist offering strong opinions. bee are confident it will be constitutional. there will be a process play out and the supreme court will deliberate. we'll implement the law smartly and inform the people of the benefits today. >> chris: congressman paul ryan who will be here in the next segment came out with a budget and the white house started to hammer him. i want to show you a graph put
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in the new york times. under the paul ryan budget deficit in 2016 is 246 billion. and under obama 569 biloxi. under obama 6.4 trillion and the ryan plan balances the budget by 2040 . obama plan balances the budget never. say what you will, at lite the ryan plan addresses the debt. >> guest: there is a lot of cand yenot a lot of veggitables and we'll see in reality. the ryan plan that was supported by the presidential candidate. it is really the romney-ryan plan will be rubber stamped fairs to share responsibility. and it showers huge tax cuts on millionaires and billions and paid for by seniors and veterans. >> chris: you don't know that.
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you don't know what they will take away in tax deduction. >> guest: independent analyst say there will be tax cuts. 92 can they don't know that, david. they don't know the tax deductions. >> guest: most people think it is a conservative estimate. the right approach is the president's approach. >> chris: even though it does nothing to address the deficit. >> guest: it gets the deficit on a sustainable path it never balances the budget according to the cbo. >> guest: most experts consider the right fiscal path . also allows our economy to grow and doesn't strangle edcadings and gut investments and clean energy it is the right path. the president signed into law two trillion in spending cuts. how do we do the rest of the job. reform enments.
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and save money in the system. and obviously responsibly get medicaid savings and revenue with the tax reform. >> chris: i want to switch subjects and we'll have an opportunity to go on throughout the campaign. the president spoke out on trayvon martin. the unarmed black teenager who was gunned down in florida last week. does the president consider it a race issue? >> guest: no, he spoke powerfully about this as a parent. any time a young person. any person but a young person, it is a tragedy. and both parties and independent happens say it is a tragedy and there ought to be a investigation and there is investigations locally and in the federal level. there should be focus on sympathy for the family >> chris: does he have think race
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have anything to do? >> guest: he was speaking as a father. that is where the focus ought to be. the gender or race. it is a tragedy when a young promising person was taken from us. >> chris: finally politics. some would say we have talked thra. the economy is growing and unemployment rate is going down. i want to show you the chart. in the last 36 years only three presidents seeking a term have been defeated. under ford. and carter seven.5. and bush, 41. unemployment 8.3 percent. why will that not beat barack obama. >> guest: we are going to have a tough election . governing a tough economy. people will get a sense of where we have been and where we are going. >> chris: how about where we
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are? >> guest: shy of four million jobs created and manufacturing in the strongest . clean energy sector surge and make a difference in the energy costs. this president has us moving in the right direction. >> chris: no president since fdr has been relected with unemployment as high as obamas. >> guest: we were almost in a great depression. we'll make history. our oppons will let wall street make their rules and shower the weather and not invest in clean energy and education. people don't want to go back there. they understand he made tough decision and stabilizes the economy and has use moving in the right direction and right vision of how to grow in a
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economy. >> chris: mr. plouffe thank you and please come back . always a pleasure to talk with you. up next, we'll get a republican view from the house budget chairman paul ryan. impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> this week, the house is expected to debate and pass the budget committee fiscal blueprint for the nation . the democrats are sure to block it mitt romney endorsed it and
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assuring the house budget will be a central issue in the campaign. the author of the campaign paul ryan joins us on "fox news sunday". >> guest: thank you. >> chris: we'll start with taxes. 10 percent and 25 percent and you heard david plouffe say that would give the richest americans a tax break of $150,000 a year or more. >> guest: we are taking away the shelters that people in the top brackets use. have a clean yer more competitive. 8 out of 10 businesses file taxes as individuals. he wants it to go to high as 44.8 in january. canada lowered their business tax to 15. get rid of the loop holes and shelters that are disporportionately used and lower tax rates for everybody and make us better wired.
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>> chris: make sure you are clear. lower the tax rate and broaden the base. >> guest: and loop holes is deductions that are used by the taxpayers. which ones. that's what the ways and means committee is to do. we want to do it in the light of day and have hearings and chairman kemp started the work, what tax benefits should go and which ones is washington picking winners and losers the point i make. the president is proposing higher tax rates and more loop holes that is contrary to the bipartisan consensus that we are seeing evolve. democrats agree with us. lower the tax baits. >> chris: if you can't tell me and i will get in to the specific tax breaks, according to the cbo estimate.
9:22 am
lowering the rates from current policy would cost 10 trillion dollars. let me finish over the next 10 years. how much are you going to need to bring in in closing tax loop holes a year. >> guest: the same amount of revenue with this new tax system. there is a trillion of these loop holes built in the tax system. you will not getting rid of all of them. but a lot of them to get this tax structure. >> chris: can you give me the number. >> guest: i can't. you have to decide where those tax rates apply. the bowles-simpson was top 23 percent and we are saying 25 percent. and you can keep those middle income tax write offs for people in this tax structures and we want a dialogue through hearings and an open process to find out
9:23 am
what kind of a tax system we want to have while we simplify the code and get better preped for growth. >> chris: the congressal research looked into the major tax breaks and we'll put them on the screen. exclusion of employer provided taxable income 164 billion . exclusion of employer pension 163 billion . home mortage 100 billion . i understand, this is not your committee but the ways and means. can you tell me any one of those four to do away with? >> guest: who we do it for. top two tax rate payers use those. we would limit it to higher income earners. 92 even the deduction for health insurance and pensions and home
9:24 am
mortgage. >> guest: take those tax shelters away. for every dollar parked is zero. and subject all income to taxation and lower everybody's tax rate. limit it to the higher income earners so everybody enjoys lower revenue. >> chris: it is not only revenue neutral but distributionally mutual. >> guest: there is no way to know the worry to that question. we have two tax rates. 10 percent for lower and middle income. and 25 percent for higher. it is impossible to worry that question. >> chris: you would cut medicaid and other health programs by 70 billion more . cut welfare and food stamps and
9:25 am
agriculture subsidies by two trillion over the next 10 years. the white house said you are putting the burden for balancing the budget on the backs of the poor. >> guest: couple things. they are growing in unsustainable rate. there is a 400 percent increase in foot stramp and that is not only accounted for the recession. is your job or goal to treat the symptoms of poverty or goal to eradicate of poverty by treating the root causes. we want welfare reform to get people off of i dedeficienciy. we think we ought to get people out of the cycle of poverty and unfortunately the president's agenda creates a dependent culture and people stuck in poverty because it denies upward mobility. there is a difference in
9:26 am
repairing the safety net and get people back on their feet. >> chris: i understand that with welfare and food stamps. and you don't want to continue the cycle of poverty. what about medicaid. >> guest: medicaid is a program that doctors will not take anymore because of the federal rules and regulations block that back to the states and allow the states to meet the particular needs of their populations and it will grow under the program we are talking about . we'll free the states to customize the benefit to the needs of the population. >> chris: i want to pick up on that. you and the presidential candidates are saying take medicaid and turn them in block grants and give them to a state. there was a new study that came out and this was a study of the way state governments do business. 18 got a d. eight got a f. and there was not a single a.
9:27 am
i have been around and covered state politics. what do makes you think that states are going to be near efficient as the federal government? >> guest: government closer to you is more responsible. and innovative reforms and welfare reform in the 90s. tommy thompson trail blazed this in wisconsin. we think we should return to the state the issues so that state government which is closer to the people involved in the programs can be held accountablement the problems in new york state are not what we have in wisconsin. we shouldn't have to be treated the same. >> chris: there is medicare, you predicted democrats, and you heard it from david plouffe
9:28 am
hammering you saying you will destroy medicare? >> we would be better off as a country if we spend less time and energy fighting off the effort to dismantle medicare. >> chris: the congressional budget office said by 2030 average government spending on each medicare enrollee would be 2000 less than status quo. wouldn't you make seniors pay more for medicare and health care? >> guest: medicare grows under our budget as it does under obama care. here is the key difference. president's health care puts 15 burrcrats in charge. we put 50 million seniors in charge. he put burrcrats with price controlling and leading to deny care for seniors.
9:29 am
we are saying stop putting the rational board and give them the benefits and don't change benefits . in order to make good on that promise which is a broken promise you have to reform for the next generation and there is a bipartisanus. and the current law makes it go bankrupt and puts burrcrats in charge of price controlling. >> chris: mitt romney was on capitol hill and you and other leaders met with him. first of all, does he have the nomination wrapped up and time to unite and stop fighting and take the fight to barack. >> guest: we haven't had a relevant republican primary since bush. 92 you will not say that before april 3rd. >> guest: he's on the way and
9:30 am
becoming the front runner and i think sooner we coalesce around the nominee the better off we will be. the prize is in november and not the summer it is coming together but i will let the people decide. >> chris: santorum and newt gingrich -- >> guest: i will not get into telling them what to do. >> chris: you made it clear you were not running for president. i want you to be straight now. if the nominee of the party and comes to you, next august and said paul, your budget is the budget, and i want you to be the point man for getting it through. >> guest: i am the point guy for doing it in the house. well, whos about that? it is not a bridge i am close to crossing. it is a decision someone else makings. i am focused on doing my judge in congress.
9:31 am
i am saving the american dream from what the path put us on to debt and decline. i can't answer that question. i haven't given thought. >> chris: you are leaving the door open. >> guest: i would consider it but not what i am thinking about thatnow. what believe we owe the country. if we don't like the direction the president is taking us. we owe them a different path and doing that in congress is important. >> chris: quickly that the white house made the ticket. talking about romney-paul ryan budget. >> guest: this is how you balance the budget and glow the economy and top picking winners and losers. and get a upward and mobile society and get people back to work. these are the decisions we will make this fall and the job i have in congress is important to
9:32 am
do that. >> chris: congressman paul ryan, thank you for joining us. please come back. up next. the hearing starts in the supreme court on whether the obama care is constitutional . h. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you.
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[ female announcer ] washington can't ignore the facts. more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken clean air protections. >> we believe in what we did and did it carefullyy so it honored our constitution. >> two years offer the passage. americans came to their own
9:36 am
conclusion, they don't like it and think it is unconstitutional and they want it repealed. >> chris: democratic house leader nancy pelosi senate majority leader mcconnell drawing the battle lines with the hearings on obama care. it is time for the sunday group. bret hume . kirsten powers and juan williams and paul gigot. and the big issue that the court will have to consider is the individual man date and individual that every american must get health insurance is constitutional. it may come up to arcticle one section 8 that states that the federal government shall have the power to regulate commerce with foreign nation and states
9:37 am
and the indian tribes. brit, does it fall within or without the? >> it is true that the supreme court granted ongress wide latitude to regulate that are interstate commerce. famously the court ruled it was constitutional to penalize someone from growing certain amount of wheat on his land. the question it seems to me is that limits of congress' power to legislate and regulate under the commerce clause. never before to my knowledge has congress ever basically commanded that people enter into a contractial regulation. it has to be voluntarily. and i don't know what the court will do.
9:38 am
i am atonished to say it is a slam dunk. i don't think it is. and i don't think it would have set aside days of arguments. it will be approached as a novel question and if the court permits it, i don't know. >> chris: to give a sense of how broadly the court has inerperted the clause of the constitution we'll lookk at what brit just mentioned. the case of wickard v philburn. under the quota for wheat, the government could order him to destroy express groups even if it was grown for for private use. that is a broadd interpretation. >> that is broad and people would be case law of how broadly federal power has been extended.
9:39 am
in terms of how it turns out. the administration thinks they have a strong case or they would not go ahead with it in a election year. because this affects such a large part of the economy, it is affecting the commerce. and so the other case that will come into play is gonzalez versus reach. >> chris: now that you mentioned it. this is how prepared we are. here is the case. 2005, the federal government, the court said they ruled 6-3 that the federal government could destroy home grown marijuana in california that allowed medicinal marijuana because of interstate market. >> they are using it themselves probably themselves. >> chris: she was sick and using it. >> it is going to interitate commerce. you can see how broaddlyy it goes.
9:40 am
bath salia and kennedy concurred. and people are looking at that. and this was brought up 10 times with the government's brief. they are trying to move scalia on this and hoping kennedy will be number five. >> i see you squirming in your chair, paul. >> you don't have to overturn the cases to hold for the plaintiffs [check] the difference in these cases, the government is saying we are going to commel you to participate in commerce to regulate you. it is not a case of growing wheat. it is a case you must buy a certain product and if you have to buy a certain product we regulate you. that is a different case and i think the plaintiff's right on the federal power. and the extent of the commerce clause never justified by the supreme court. and think it is it a novele issue and grave issue.
9:41 am
if you compel. if the federal government compels individuals to participate in commerce where do you stop? about a book and juan's books. can you compel somebody. >> chris: the counter argument. with all due respect. you can live without reading juan books or broccoli. you don't have to eat broccoli . sooner or later, everybody is going to use health care. >> how different is that from house transportation? most people in america need a car. but you know what, i think i want you to buy a certain car i like the chevy volt and the government likes the chevy volt and just like a certain health care product. we'll man date and you must buy that. yes, because someone ultimately partakes in health care and house other markets we can't compel you to buy that product. >> chris: would you like to
9:42 am
respond? >> justice gigot needs to understand that the uninsured are making an ark firmative step. their failure to buy insurance affects insurance markets in the country. it drives up the cost of insurance for you and me and for emergency rooms that have to treat people after they get smushed. it is a classic example that fits under the commerce clause. if you look at the record, four courts looked at it. and three have said that is right. it fits under the commerce cause. and one it is premature. we will not rule . two of the courts said it fits and only one said there is a problem. >> chris: we have less than a minute left and i want to turn to another issue, brit. what about the argument that the president and congress debated it for a year and certainly got
9:43 am
a full hear it is judicial activism . there will be a and all of the republicans made it clear they will repeal it and the court should step down. >> guest: it is in the eye of the beholder and not conservatives that are concerned about judicial. and the court can strike down a law that is unconstitutional. that is pointless. >> chris: okay, did you use the word "shush"? >> yes. >> you will see it in justice kennedy's opinion. >> we'll take a breakk here . rick santorum gets a big primary win, but is it too little, too late.
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>> chris: check out our new cam page page. you will find behind the scenes material from the cam page trail and key clips from the show and twitter area. all latest poles and political reporting in one spot. how did this small colorado town get
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through tough economic times? freight rail. it attracted large eating over seventeen hundred jobs. then suppliers, stores, more companies followed, creating more jobs. economists call that the ripple effect. i call it the freight rail effect. freight rail connects every rner of america, bringing jobs and economic growth along for the ride. visit >> the people of louisiana sent
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a loud and clearr message. the race is long and far from over . people of wisconsin, i say to you. on, wisconsin, let's get it done. >> chris: republican presidential candidate santorum celebrating a win in the louisiana primary and we are back down with the panel. so how much should we make of santorum's victory and mitt romney's continued difficulty, paul in reaching out to voters in the south and conservative base in the country. >> it was a big win for santorum and he needed that win badly and 39 percent. he won in every democratic except for people who make more than couple hundred thousand a year. it was a blow back for the comment by his staffer about
9:48 am
ectch a sketch and problem for santorum, he has to win outside of the south and trying to make it a replay of conservative 1976 reagan challenge. he has to win in wisconsin, and win in other states. >> chris: a week from tuesday. >> he hasn't shown he can do that. he has to deny romney delegates. because rom thee is piling up the delegates. >> that is right. he has twice the number more than santorum . april is not going to be a kind month to rick santorum. >> chris: why not. >> you go to connecticut, and new york, pennsylvania, i am not sure. >> chris: dc and maryland and rhode island. >> they are traditional republican liberal state that is romney does well and more educate upper income.
9:49 am
and then you get in. >> chris: i am going to say in the end of april. you have pennsylvania. >> i mentioned pennsylvania . i am not sure how he would do there. he is the home town kid, but i am not sure if that state is favorably inclind to him in philadelphia and pittsburg. and then in north carolina and west virginia and texas is a big everyonelada. and for a while newt gingrich hoped for. delegates is what counts. they are just denying romney 1144 he needs for the nomination. >> santorum said he can catch romney. odds of him doing that is exceedingly long. he's in the position all he can hope to do is deny romney the majority and force a contest
9:50 am
brokered conventionn. awareness of that will sink in for voters. it is different to vote for someone because they can win and extend the contest that is making republicans nervous. i think the odds for santorum are long indeed and this next month will enforce. and the romney lead. this is a big win for him in wisconsin. >> i mean, louisiana. >> he gained only a handful of delegates on romney. and he needs to win them by the bushel while romney is winning very few. i don't see it happening. >> it is where it was in the beginning. romney is presumed front runner and far ahead in delegates. in louisiana, santorum got 10 teligates to romney's five and so in every state regardless of
9:51 am
who wins, he picks up delegates and he always stays ahead in the delegates and he will win some of thitates that juan is talking about. and santorum is a candidate who won 11 states and that is not a minor thing and newt gingrich is two states and telling him to drop out if he doesn't win pennsylvania. in terms of the 1976 reagan conservative candidate reagan didn't -- he is setting himself up for the future, i think it is a long shot. >> how about the issue that brit raised and the nervousiness of republican voters. do you think romney is being hurt by the process? >> a little bit but not too much. he's in some ways been helped. he has to make better arguments
9:52 am
and put out a tax proposal than the one that he put out. 59 points that no one remembers . emblazed the rhine roin budget and put more substance than just his biography and that and his instinct. he's forced by the campaign to put more meat on the bones and that will help him in the general election. >> the etch a sketch was devastating and he is a man who doesn't have a core beliefs. >> it was a staffer and not romney himself. >> but it applies to romney. >> and i think it will stick around. >> chris: you talked about the paul ryan budget and interesting to me to hear david plouffe make a deal that romney endorsed and it was romney-ryan plan.
9:53 am
both sides think that the paul ryan budget is a weapon on their behalf. white house thinks it shows helping the rich on the backs of the poor. and republicans think it shows they are responsible in getting government out of the way. >> here's how it plays out. democrats will argue that romney has wholly adopted the radical paul ryan budget . conservatives said i don he's converted too late and he's etch-a-sketch. and in a sense rom no can't win. it is just talk really . the voters will have to make a decision about this kind of action on entitlement spend this is what the election was about as to whether they are ready to support a candidate and party that is to do manage serious
9:54 am
about them and that is a central interest in the race. that is a issue in the campaign. president obama has punted and his budget doesn't do anything about it. and so that's how it should be. >> the flip side of that. do you think that this is good grounds for republicans, for democrats, rather? under the president's budget he never balances it. >> it is dangerous for republicans because it is extreme in the terms of the cut to make it happen . there is not a lott of talk about that. >> chris: we'll have to leave it there and maybe we'll talk about it coming up. thank you, panel. we'll talk about it when a group picks up on the discussion of "fox news sunday".com. we'll post the video. upnext, we go on the trail. t to. right. but... home security systems can be really expensive.
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9:57 am
sketch and we start all over. >> we are not looking for a etch a sketch candidate. but for someone who writes what they believe in stone and stays true to what they say. >> i am running as a conservative republican. and i was a conservative governor and i will be nominated for president as a conservative republican. >> come in here. you win to see something different for the country. >> to suggest that a romney presidency would not be dramatically better for any conservative than a obama president is wrong. >> everybody knows my passion about defeating barack obama. over my dead body would i vote
9:58 am
for obama. this is either romney or an open convention. santorum will not get to 1144 and santorum and ron paul will not get to 1144. >> i would like all of them. i will probably not get all of them but i want as many as i can. >> chris: the candidates got a break. first tuesday in april, nine days from now for the next round of primaries. that's it for today. have a great week and we'll see you on the next "fox news sunday". ♪
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